Words of Hope: Staff and Leadership Retreat Results

Words of Hope: Staff and Leadership Retreat Results

A couple of weekends ago, most of OAC’s board and staff escaped to Hope for a quick and intense 24 hour prayer and planning session. On the agenda: what was God calling OAC to focus on over the next few years? In a church as talented and broad as OAC, we knew, going in to the weekend, that there were at least a few really good options where we could place our time and energy. And so we prepared our hearts and fully expected God to declare and make clear how to put our best foot forward.

There were 13 of us total that weekend and we were united in many ways. But most importantly we were united in prayer and in an intense desire to see OAC’s and our community’s future come clear.

We then got down to prayer and to working together. It was an amazing sight to see. We are so blessed with spiritual, dedicated, smart, innovative, and caring leaders. Working in smaller groups, we digested the selected paths before us, with the intention of slowly whittling our way to focal point. And we did just that.

Over the next several weeks, we plan to share bite size pieces of this new direction and invite you to journey with us to where this new focus will take our beloved Oakridge community. Stay tuned…

Pastor Stevan

Stevan Mirkovich

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