Words of Hope – Preserving Us

Words of Hope – Preserving Us

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller 

To pass the time on my solo drive along the Coquihalla highway from the Fraser Valley to Kelowna I began counting the number of thick black skid marks veering to the right or left of the parallel road lines.  I soon lost count and began imagining the scenarios behind these scars on the pavement. The accidents or near misses were history but the evidence remained.  Some were very short hard brakes, others stretched for a surprising distance. Were they the result of a sleepy or distracted driver, a machine malfunction or foolhardy deer?  My own emergency braking experiences came to mind along with gratitude for my hard-working guardian angels! The scars of terrifying moments in our lives may never fade but God did not intend us to dwell in a spirit of fear (2 Tim 1:7) but to drive on. Anytime we are hurt but not destroyed (2 Cor 4:9) we can know God has not abandoned us, He is preserving us.

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