Words of Hope – Child Dedication

Words of Hope – Child Dedication

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller 

There’s something precious and special about children. Their arrival in this world, with all their fragility and innocence has the power to reunite estranged family members and even entire nations who join in concern and advocacy for them.  We know children were Jesus’ VIP’s (Matt 19:14), so at our church we cherish their presence.  Our future-focussed value recognizes the vibrancy of our faith community depends on how well we care for and disciple the next generations. A Child Dedication ceremony is a special part of how we do that.
What is Child Dedication? 
1. Child Dedication is meant to give parents an opportunity to recognize God’s gift of a child to them. (Psalm 127:3)
2. A parent’s declaration of intent to raise their child in a Christ-centered household and educate their child in their faith. (Deuteronomy 6:5-7, Ephesians 6:4)
3. An opportunity for the church community to express support for the family in prayer, love and mentorship of the parents and children. (Luke 2:22-52).





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