Tribute to Moms

Tribute to Moms

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller  

She just kicked the car door closed because her fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders are laden with grocery bags, laptop, purse, and treasured toy left on the back seat. After a day facing deadlines, numbers or red lights that silently screamed in her direction, how is there enough stamina and strength for the howls of a tantrumming toddler or hangry teen when she walks through that next door? Where does she find grace to not snap-back or forgiveness for when she does?
A mother finds courage to face the daunting responsibility of giving, nourishing and protecting life when she admits she can never be enough for everyone else on her own but models a dependancy on the One who is enough to meet every need (Phil 4:19).
Proverbs 31 quotes an ancient mother painting a verbal portrait of the ideal woman she wants her son to marry.  This wife-to-be earns the praises of her children and husband (v28). It can can be easy to focus on the list of accomplishments and recognition but don’t miss the punch line of the passage: “a woman who reveres the Lord is to be praised” (v30).  Dear Moms, don’t succumb to the pressure to compare your parenting skills or children to others. God Himself will honour your labour and kindness with blessings of wisdom and strength.  Discover the freedom of praying “Jesus, I can’t do this alone. I’m going to trust my children to Your watchful care. I will let Your strength be evident by my weakness (2 Cor 12:9). Amen.”


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