Words of Hope – Sabbath Layers

Words of Hope – Sabbath Layers

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller 

I love layers. Layered haircuts shape my face, layered clothes offers adaptability, and of course layered cake and its multi-textured, multi-flavoured composition!  Sabbath significance and observance has also become more treasured for me as I discover its many layers.  Growing up it was the comfort of simple routines, fruit and toast dinner Friday nights, a family prayer circle before bed, waking up to Christian music, granola for breakfast, attending church, casserole lunch, afternoon naps and hikes concluding with songs at sundown.  In college, it became my anchor for creation vs evolution debate and needed rhythm of rest, reprieve from studies and exams and social support gathering to worship. Only in recent years did I see the layers of its redemptive significance and everlasting gospel. Jesus words in Mark 2:27 tell us “The Sabbath was made for humankind”. Is Sabbath binding you or blessing you?  Do you worship because of God’s commitment or His commandment?  May you find the joy and comfort of the Sabbath as you dig deeper into its significance.



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