Meet Edwin Darius: OAC Bible Worker

Meet Edwin Darius: OAC Bible Worker

We warmly welcome Edwin Darius as he joins us as Bible Worker to complement and support pastoral activities. This is a snapshot of his journey in his own words:
Edwin was born in the beautiful Caribbean country by the name of Haiti and he moved to Canada with his parents when he was 10 years old. At a young age, he felt God calling him into the ministry and started preaching and serving as a deacon at his home church in Ottawa.
He recently graduated in Theology from Burman University with the desire to pursue more degrees in the future. He’s truly passionate about serving and sharing God’s love with people and he has a strong desire to fight against modern-day slavery, human trafficking.
Edwin’s hobbies include facebooking, instagramming, playing soccer and badminton. He also enjoys photography and learning to play the piano on youtube.

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