Glorious Ending

Glorious Ending

By Edwin Darius 

One time, a janitor sat in the gym of a theological seminary waiting for the students to finish their basketball game. As he was waiting, he took out of his pocket a little Bible and started reading the book of Revelation. After a few minutes, a young theologian found out what he was reading and asked, “Do you understand what’s happening? Do you understand all the symbolism?” The janitor replied, “No, absolutely not! –but I’ve already figured the end, Jesus wins! And that’s comforting enough for me because I am on His side.”
There is a glorious ending to the story. In the first chapters of Genesis, everything started well as the book portrayed God being with His creatures in perfect harmony. Although, because of sin, things got really rough in the middle of the story, it does not end there. Right in the climax, –early on Sunday morning, as the ground began to shake, Jesus conquered death and walked out of the grave with style. His resurrection gives us the power to overcome anything! Adding to that, at the end of the story King Jesus is triumphant, death is put to death, a new earth is created, God is once again united with His people and there’s no more suffering.
Since the story ends gloriously, no matter what difficulties and challenges we face, let us do our best to always cling to the old rugged cross. Soon and very soon, we will exchange our cross for a crown!


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