Words of Hope – The claim of the Cross

Words of Hope – The claim of the Cross

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller

Something struck me in my studies this week, the terms “Messiah” and “Son of God” are not synonymous. I took the connection for granted but nowhere in pre-Christ writings is there any suggestion the Messiah was expected to be a supernatural entity.  Reading the Gospel authors in the light of their amazement that God provided His own Son to be the Promised One explains their strong emphasis on Jesus divine identity.  If the cross merely marked the brutal end of a martyred rabbi, the new Way would have been a complete failure and sham. But because the cross is where God gave up His power and life to die for our salvation it changed everything, the understanding of God, history, and the future!  When you look at Jesus, how you answer the question: “Who do you say that I am?” could change everything in your life.  It is a confession best uttered at the foot of the cross.


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