Words of Hope –  Mind Management

Words of Hope – Mind Management

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller 

This weekend we are beginning a series of seminars from 10-11am Saturday mornings that cover key practices for optimal wellness. From a Biblical perspective, health is important not only for personal quality of life, but self-care respects the work of our Creator and maximizes our purpose and potential to help others. Modern science supports ancient scripture recognizing human health is much more than physical fitness and nutrition. The beautiful concept found in Genesis 2 is that humanity is hand-crafted by God, gifted with individual bodies and minds. The Christian understanding of health and ‘wholeness’ must involve our interconnected spiritual, physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Even with our best choices and practices, the Enemy’s plot to destroy God’s valued creation continues. At this church it is ok to not be ok, but we don’t want to see you stuck there. OAC intends to be a hub of hope and healing with prayer and resources shared freely. If you are unwell in any aspect, don’t struggle alone, reach out and trust Jesus offer to restore life in it fullest sense (John 10:10)

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