Words of Hope: Flourishing Felicia

Words of Hope: Flourishing Felicia

Let’s meet Flourishing Felicia.

Vancouver is known for it’s focus on being healthy, outdoorsy, and green – and so the city attracts and fosters many people like Felicia, who long for a balanced, healthy, and active life. Felicia has embraced a thoughtful approach to life, but it’s not always easy to find the time and the right connection with the community to stay as centred as she’d like.

Her prized possessions are her Lululemon tights and yoga mat. She eats oats every morning and reads the labels on everything she buys. And, for the most part, she feels her choices reflect her deeply held values of kindness, generosity, and happiness.

But it’s hard for her not to get caught in the rat-race, and she knows it. She senses that the hustle and bustle of chasing the next promotion keeps her from what she really wants: deep friendships and close connection with loved ones.

While Felicia always makes time to run on the seawall, she almost never makes time to volunteer with the organizations and causes that are actually really near and dear to heart. That’s mainly because she’d love a group to go with. It’s tough to stay committed on her own. She knows that giving back on that level is a huge hole in her experience and she just doesn’t know how to address it.

And really the biggest doubt in the back of her mind is about the real purpose behind everything: Does anything really matter? Is there something more out there, something spiritual, something divine, something that transcends? How can I really make a difference for others?

Enter: Jesus, Good News, OAC, community, volunteerism, meaning, new vision of life, purpose.

Pastor Stevan

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