Words of Hope: Desperate Dave

Words of Hope: Desperate Dave


We’ve been exploring our decision to intentionally shift our strategy to serve our community through a lens of health and wellness. So we’ve talked about the mental, physical, and nutritional components of human health.

Now let me introduce you to “Desperate Dave,” someone who could represent a group of people we know that live in our local community. Dave is lonely. Life is so busy, and even though he’s “connected” digitally to many people, the busyness of life keeps him pretty isolated. Part of the problem is the overwhelming emotions he’s dealing with from a series of failed relationships, intense expectations at work, and general lethargy he faces day-in and day-out.  Add to that the long dreary wet season, and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Dave may even have an underlying depression.

Furthermore, Dave eats out often and it hasn’t led to wise food choices. He has a couple of different health issues going on and doesn’t feel he knows how to get the support to move past them. And with few real people to do life with, and differing hobbies with those he does know, Dave is largely inactive, also adding to his mental, physical, and nutritional issues. He’s pretty apathetic about the meaning of life and tries to numb his pain with Netflix and other escapes.

Here’s the bottom line: Dave knows that his life needs to change, but it just feels like he doesn’t know where to start, or who to journey with, or what changes to start with.

Dave needs Good News, community, support, friends, and workable solutions to a more fulfilling and healthy life.

Enter: Jesus, Good News, OAC, and faith community.

Pastor Steve

Stevan Mirkovich

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