Words of Hope – Church is all of us

Words of Hope – Church is all of us

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller 

Do you like jig-saw puzzles? I will not do a puzzle solo but I really enjoy working on one with others. My favourite puzzle artfully illustrates Noah’s Ark. Let me know if you want to build it with me sometime! My pet peeve is when a piece goes AWAL. It is deeply unsettling when the picture sits incomplete. This reminds me of our church. We have the essential edges and corners in place, and clusters of interlocking people but still many voids. The Bible uses the body as a metaphor but the big idea is the same. Every individual, every role is just as important as the others. The church is not whole if individuals function in isolation. The church is all of us: people who love Jesus serving others by setting up tables, leading study groups, holding doors and babies, praying with others, and opening their homes. By connecting to each other in service, God fills in the picture with us and for us. Every week at OAC, we are given the opportunity to grow our character and faith by supporting and serving others, letting the picture of God’s kingdom take shape. Thank you for being apart of it!

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