Welcome Pastor Ron Pickell

Welcome Pastor Ron Pickell

Vancouver is home to more than a dozen colleges, universities and post-secondary institutes providing education to thousands of local and international students. The season of life between high-school and one’s career is a particularly formative and challenging time. What can our church do to better support and engage them with the Gospel?
Jesus is active on these campuses. His presence is seen most fully in the personal lives of students who have embraced his offer of life and in the communities of faith that they are building. There are SDA Christian students on these campuses whom God can use to reach other students with a life-changing message of value, hope, and purpose.
This Sabbath we welcome guest speaker Dr. Ron Pickell, Adjunct Professor for Andrews University. Previously he served as Pastor at LIFE Adventist church of Berkeley, California, and chaplain of the Adventist campus ministry group at UC Berkeley.  Since 2005 Ron has also served the North American Division Youth Department as Volunteer Coordinator of Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF).

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