Why Our Church

We are a church that
believes in Jesus, a church
that loves God and people.

We want you to know that Jesus loves you. It doesn’t matter how lost you feel, He wants to be in a relationship with you. Grow at your own pace with us!

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Our Team
Peter Qiu
Peter Qiu
Pastor (Chinese Ministry)
Abraham Lim
Abraham Lim
Chairman of the Board
Gloria Cruz
Gloria Cruz
Facility Manager
Robert Bestwick
Robert Bestwick
Administrative Assistant & Communications

From The Blog

Words of Hope –  Daily Choices
Words of Hope – Daily Choices

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller  There’s a story of a husband and wife who entered marriage with an unusual strategy for household decisions.  They agreed he would make all the major decisions and she would handle the minor ones. After 20 years, a curious friend asked how the arrangement had worked out. “Great,” the husband responded, “In

Words of Hope –  Mind Management
Words of Hope – Mind Management

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller  This weekend we are beginning a series of seminars from 10-11am Saturday mornings that cover key practices for optimal wellness. From a Biblical perspective, health is important not only for personal quality of life, but self-care respects the work of our Creator and maximizes our purpose and potential to help others.

Words of Hope –  Unity and Diversity
Words of Hope – Unity and Diversity

By Pastor Rhoda Klein Miller  It’s one of our favourite worship services of the year, MultiCultural Sabbath! Many first time visitors to OAC comment on its multi-cultural diversity. Instead of creating a church for one cultural affiliation, we strive to find ways to consider and blend every unique perspective. It can be challenging but we love


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